About Gough Family Office

The world starts with families.

Family is central to all we do at the Gough Family Office.  A culture of high performance and shared values unites us to deliver on goals aligned with long term aspirations.  We’re professionals with diverse talents – just like a family – shaping a place committed to investing in people and businesses with an eye towards the future.

The Gough Family Office

Formed in 2011, the Gough Family Office is an internationally modelled structure. It brings under one roof all of founder Ben and Penny Gough’s business, philanthropic and family interests. The Gough Family Office comprises three core pillars:

GOUGH INVESTMENTS  the financial arm responsible for wealth protection and creation.

BEN GOUGH FAMILY FOUNDATION  the philanthropic arm, which fulfils the family’s commitment to helping communities thrive.

FAMILY  intergenerational family services encompassing wealth stewardship, education and personal management.