We invest much more than money

We apply our time, expertise and energy in order to make a significant difference. With an on-going mandate for growth, we continually seek highly talented people and businesses that demonstrate drive, courage and conviction.

Our investment strategy is twofold: stability and growth

Over the years we have developed a diversified investment portfolio that balances wealth protection with capital growth.

Our industrial and commercial property investments make up a significant portion of our portfolio and provide long-term stability, while our Direct Investments and our joint venture with Alvarium see us investing in ambitious local and international endeavours in the finance, construction, health, tourism and high-tech sectors. We also maintain a portfolio of liquid funds to ensure balance and to provide access to capital.

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Direct Investments


Long term growth

Our approach is to form honest partnerships that often see us actively working alongside fast growing businesses in which we invest – supporting their leadership and growth with our own expertise.

Our typical approach is to take a significant minority interest so that business owners continue to have an incentive to perform and enjoy the rewards of our capital and governance input.

Starting at the earliest negotiation stages, we work hard to ensure clear alignment between parties to define what a successful deal means to each of us. At Gough Investments we focus on what is best for the partnership.  As the wealth engine of our Family Office, we can tailor our perspective to what suits.  We have patience for long-term growth and capacity for rapid results.

Our Direct Investments portfolio targets opportunities that align with who we are. We invest when we see opportunity and know that we can add value through governance, capital or management—whatever the timeframe.

Global influence

From our proud Canterbury roots we now have Direct Investments extending around the globe.  We partner with New Zealand businesses as they scale into global markets.  We partner with local and global investors who want to encourage New Zealand’s commercial growth.

Our investment platforms allow us to explore partners of different scales and geographies.  Gough Investments formed a key strategic partnership with Alvarium Investments,  which extends our network through the 200 families associated Alvarium globally. This fulfils our aspirations for larger investment opportunities, both within New Zealand and on the global stage.

Gough Investments is all about building partnerships.    We like taking the best of New Zealand to the world.  We like bringing the world to New Zealand. We like partnerships where everyone wins.



Building Partnerships

The property portfolio has interests in commercial, industrial and brown-fields developments. Initially the focus was in the Canterbury region however through Southbase, the construction company responsible for some New Zealand’s largest projects, the geographical reach has expanded nationwide. There is also a strategic focus on international acquisitions and developments.

Other ventures

Gough Investments maintains a portfolio of liquid funds including equities, fixed income and managed funds.  These investments are spread globally and are a component of our lower-risk wealth protection strategy – providing us with diversification, long-term growth stability and access to capital to fund our Direct Investments.

In keeping with our intergenerational family values, our portfolio includes investment in high performing environmental, social and governance (ESG) funds that balance their broader impact with financial return.


Gough Investments INVESTMENT criteria

We invest in businesses that fit the following criteria:

  • Small to mid-market companies with an enterprise value of $10-50M;
  • A track record of profitability and positive cash flows;
  • In a growth stage of their business cycle;
  • Where our capital is invested into the growth of the business, rather than taken off the table;
  • With owners/operators retaining a significant financial interest in the business to maintain full value alignment;
  • In sectors where we can leverage our networks to add partner value; and
  • Where we are able to secure a material cornerstone stake (20% – 60%) with control through significant ownership.



We engage with partners that have:

  • Entrepreneurial spirit;
  • Proven talent;
  • High levels of trust and support;
  • A commitment to responsible business ethics; and
  • A reason why this investment will have a positive impact on current and future generations.

Note:  We also source opportunities for our joint venture company, Alvarium Investments Limited.  Alvarium provides a range of debt and investment capital for mid and large-scale opportunities both in NZ and abroad.  Please feel free to contact us.


Join Us

At Gough Investments, we offer enormous opportunity for people and businesses to partner with us to grow  some of the most interesting businesses across New Zealand and the world.  We love to meet courageous people.