Taking on New Zealand’s housing Goliath

“I struggled to find a decent partner, was near giving up… I would have flagged the growth of my business. Now I’ve got a managed growth path with lots of ears and eyes on it, underpinned by capital investment.”

Mike Greer, Mike Greer Homes

Mike Greer Homes is one of New Zealand’s largest home builders with a 25+ year history and ten operations throughout the country. Gough Investments came on board with the company in 2016 to help them realise their bold vision of easing the country’s housing needs.

Building the future

With a strong track record for quality construction and design creativity already established, Mike Greer came to us with a higher aspiration: to play a major role in addressing New Zealand’s housing needs through its role as a large-scale volume builder providing affordable, quality homes.


Taking on Goliath

While Mike’s vision was laudable, his hurdles were equally impressive. He required capital to grow and needed a way to break into the hearts and minds of the Auckland market. We saw the opportunity to help this impressive Canterbury-based business grow its weighting and presence in the Auckland market.


Courage and conviction

It takes a unique mix to go from on the tools at age 19 to heading one of the country’s largest group home building companies. Mike’s track record for courage, talent and success is phenomenal. He could have easily sat back and enjoyed good business in his own backyard, but he saw a chance to make a difference in a property market where a difference was needed. This, together with his proven business ability, inspired us to come on board as an 18% shareholder– bringing capital, governance and property sector experience to the partnership.  Mike had the courage and conviction, and we saw how with him—with Mike Greer Homes—our money could do a power of good.

Ready, set, build

With the Gough Investments partnership Mike Greer Homes has successfully established itself in Auckland, which now represents the business’s largest market. Mike and his team have built a strong platform to launch from, with people and delivery capability set to address New Zealand’s growing housing needs and bring Kiwis the affordable, lower cost homes they deserve.