Inspired by a bold vision

“At the height of construction, there would have been 300 people working on the site.  This has been a real team effort.  It puts us on the map.”

Jeremy Earle, Southbase Project Manager for The Crossing, Christchurch

Southbase has risen from true start-up to a national construction company in just six years.

Southbase was established in 2013, post-earthquake, as a new, strong, Canterbury construction brand. It was created by a group of individuals who wanted to make a difference, and who had the courage and business sense to do just that.

A bold premise

From the outset the founders of Southbase had a clear vision: to become a leading national construction business. Their intent was to first gain traction locally but ultimately build a New Zealand-wide business with a reputation for delivering on time, on budget and with an innovative approach.


Rising to the challenge

Two major obstacles faced Southbase early on. It needed capital and credibility. With no track record, the odds were stacked against Southbase winning its first bid even in a post-earthquake scenario. Quin Henderson, “man at the helm”, saw the credibility and financial backing that Ben Gough and Gough Investments could bring. In return, we saw the value in forging a strong partnership with a commercial construction company – not to mention the opportunity to help Christchurch get back on its feet.


Backing talent

Ben Gough joined Southbase at the outset as a Director of the business, helping to guide the leadership team and providing not just capital, but the assurance of a prominent backer. We saw that we could help create a national construction company by investing in the talent of Quin Henderson and his team, with their proven ability to build a bigger and stronger operational team.  We recognised talent, a good business opportunity and a chance to get a good return in the process.

Vision, delivered

In six short years Southbase has gone from strength to strength, achieving its sought after status as a leading national construction company. It is responsible for a number of significant builds in Christchurch’s newly emergent landscape.

Gough Investments remains a 22% shareholder in Southbase Group and continues to support the business as it grows its reputation for innovation, determination and delivery.